What's this?

DOMOTECH” is a system that allows you to modernize and transform a common electrical system into an automated and advanced one..

 In addition to interfacing smart lamps or smart sockets it also allows you to control devices such as robot vacuum cleaners or electric shutters. In addiction, the heat sockets and lights will not need to be replaced with Wi-Fi models but will use those already installed.

Many Sensors

The system can also be configured with heat outlets and wireless sensors, for example to detect the temperature, humidity in a room or outside, gas sensors to detect any leaks, anti-intrusion movement sensors, sensors of ambient brightness, etc ... each of which can be configured, for example, to enable or disable outputs.

NOTE: In each battery-powered sensor there is a monitoring system of the same with a possible notification of exhaustion.


It is also possible to save the data collected by each sensor in an online database accessible 24/7 with graphs to display the trend in real time.

The database can be set up, if configured, to also store the date and time in which a certain action took place (for example activation or deactivation of an output, a motion detection, etc.).


The outputs can be activated and deactivated:

  • Through the use of classic wall-mounted buttons without having to replace them,
  • Via Color touch displays, which can be installed on the built-in electrical boxes, which allows you to view the activation status of the outputs and the sensors of the entire system,
  • Through a specific Application, downloadable on smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS), which has the same functionality as the display and also works remotely with cellular data and website (see graphic interface on the left),
  • Via Voice Commands with Personal Assistants such as "Google Assistant" and "Amazon Alexa".

Modular System

The system can be modulated, ie you can install several voice assistants, sensors or displays, for example one in each room, and display different information on each one.

Furthermore, the system was designed to work even in the absence of an internet network or if one of the components (eg a display) should break.


A really very cheap product considering its features, which are always continuously updated by the developers.

Simple to use

We aim for ease of use, which makes the user experience easier.


Technique, Avant-garde, Technology: all synonymous with a well-functioning product.

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