What is it?

Draft è un software che permette di programmare le schede Arduino in modo semplice ed alla portata di tutti! Non c’è neppure bisogno di conoscere linguaggi di programmazione specifici. 

You can also save files created with the extension .ino to upload them directly to the Arduino program or with the extension .draft to be able to modify them again with the Arduino software Draft.

How does it work?

Draft has various interfaces with which you can manage the conditions and create the code. Regarding the management of conditions simply enter the number of the input and output pins and add if the input is "on" or "off" and, in the case of analog pins (A0, A1, A2 etc.) it will be sufficient to write a value between 0 and 1023.

For example, we can enter a condition that occurs only if the input pin 8 is off ovvero "If input 8 is off then output 3 is on".

Once all the data has been entered, simply click on the button "Inserisci codice" and the software will automatically write the code to be included in the Arduino program.

With the button ripeti finchè it is possible to insert a condition with which until the input not becomes on or off the output remains on or off for example we can insert: "As long as input 8 is not on, output 3 is off and then output 5 becomes on" 


Software will often be updated to always add new features. Here is a list of all versions of "Draft" with the respective release date and file download. Soon the first version of "Draft" will be released.



Proudly made by Michele Meattini.

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