What is it?

Questo congegno permette di effettuare l’accesso al pc semplicemente avvicinando un tag NFC o RFID all’apposito lettore.

How does it work?

Using the native USB port of Arduino 2, and connecting it to the RFID reader, it's possible to have our PC identify the badge as a virtual keyboard.

When the tag is putted near the reader, it checks that it is the correct one; once confirmed, the password is automatically entered in the PC login screen.

In this way we can prevent others from seeing the password we are typing, making access simple, safe and fast.

With this device, life become more simple, no more complicated passwords to look for or endless waitings to receive assistance : all you have to do is use an easy-to-use badge and you're done!

Inoltre è possibile impostare più tag NFC e permettere l’accesso al pc attraverso il tag NFC a chiunque si voglia.


Save your time
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