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About us

We are a group of student from I.T.I.S. "G. Galilei" school in Arezzo (Italy) who love develop project of electronics and IT in their free time.

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Our products

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Make your home really smart
with this kit that enable you to control your home with vocal assistant and app, from today also remotely.


An innovative method to program the Arduino microcontroller without knowing the programming language!

Smart Mirror

A special mirror that show weather, news, calendar, available in variable size.


A device capable of logging into your PC via an NFC or RFID card.

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Our team

Sono un ragazzo appassionato di elettronica ed informatica, adoro realizzare nel tempo libero progetti che uniscano le due cose quindi spaziando dall'IoT alla robotica e domotica.
Sito web personale
I am always passionated in the world of DIY starting building the first project with pieces of cartoon and scotch to pass in the world of electronic with Arduino.
Leonardo Crini
Founder & Developer
Ho scoperto il mondo dell'elettronica nei primi anni di superiori iniziando da semplici circuiti per poi arrivare a veri e propri progetti appassionandomi sempre di più a questo fantastico mondo.
Francesco Ridoni
Developer & Web Manager
I'm a guy with a passion for computer science and electronics. Starting to study these subjects at high school, I became passionate about the world of Arduino, developing more or less complex projects.
Francesco Ferranti
Advertising director
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